SEDEX is a membership organization which makes available an online platform to companies for managing and improving the working conditions across global supply chains. The standard enables organizations to explore practical tools, services as well as community networks for enabling companies to enhance their responsibility as well as sustainable business practices and resources.


SEDEX is a participation association for organizations which seeks to focus on consistent improvement of the moral execution for their supply chains. Organizations that join SEDEX seek to use the SEDEX electronic system, develop an interest in the SEDEX Certification administration, working gatherings, as well as arrange and communicate with other SEDEX individuals and utilize SEDEX included services.

Procedure of SEDEX Certification

SEDEX does not work or operate as a standard setting body, and there are no implicit rules and confirmation. Rather the SEDEX standard seeks to empower organizations to feasibly share and supervise their inventory network data, with the objective of ensuring consistent improvement.
SEDEX mainly has two points, the first one facilitates the weight on providers suggesting different audits, affirmations & polls, whereas the other one promotes upgrades in the moral execution of supply chains across the world. Skymoon comes with an experienced team of SEDEX Certification experts who take expertise in guiding customers to make the certification process quick and successful. The SEDEX declaration is provided by the confirming body and is completed after a site audit for SEDEX affirmation is granted.

The Advantages of SEDEX Certification for Organizations

  • Easy and effective to get the data and information at one secure spot
  • Helps creates ethical strategies and policies
  • Enables organizations supervise business information and the data appropriately
  • Improves business efficiency of the organization
  • Reduces the remaining task at hand and promotes more noteworthy employee inclusion

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