About GMP

GMP is a short form for Good Manufacturing Practices. The term is utilized across the world to control and facilitate the quality of manufacturing, testing as well as the overall quality of pharmaceutical products. The standard defines certain guidelines which specify the approach in respect to quality approach. GMP certification guarantees that the products are manufactured by following the best quality standard norms.

GMP Certified

GMP includes major aspects of production beginning from procuring materials, factory and equipment to personal hygiene of staff and their training. Written procedures described in detail are critical for each process that can impact the quality of the finished product. There should be a system for providing the documented proof stating that the proper procedures are followed consistently at every step during the manufacturing process and every time a product is developed.
The quality approach followed by GMP guarantees that manufacturing is of prime quality, enabling organizations to decrease or eliminate the possibility of contamination, adulteration or any type of errors. This in turn ensures the protection of the consumers from consuming the products, which are not qualitative or effective. Failure of any organization to comply with GMP compliance can definitely result in difficulties which may include recall, seizure as well as fines.

Role of SKYMOON in GMP Certification

Skymoon management services Private Limited (SMSPL) comprises an experienced team of professionals as well as auditors who have expertise in implementing GMP Certification. The certification adds value which helps in the consistent improvement of the organization. Moreover, SMSPL provides a reliable audit service to enable an organization to become aware whether the firm is entitled for the GMP certification which is required by your customer or for a tender purpose.

The Key Benefits to GMP Certification:

  • Ensures organization’s management capabilities in terms of product quality, its safety as well as assurance
  • Motivates employees to develop good production practices and operational habits
  • Minimizes the safety risk in respect to product quality and consumption
  • Helps detect problems in respect to production and management as well as reduce cost
  • Understand as well as comply with the relevant laws and regulations in an informed manner
  • Enhance the organization’s international credibility as well as public image
  • Enhances the long-term confidence of the consumers in the enterprise

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