ABOUT ISO 37001:2016 (ABMS)

It’s the International Standard that empower the organizations of all types to ristrict, catch and direction bribery by accepting an anti-bribery policy, assign a person to manage anti-bribery conformity, training, risk assessments and investigation on projects and business associates,instituting reporting, and procedures execute financial and commercial controls.

Standard Applicable For

ISO 37001 it’s applicable for all type of association, large or small, whether it be in the public, private or voluntary sector, and in any country. It’s a adaptability tool, which can be accepted according to the size and nature of the association and the bribery threat it faces.

Role of Skymoon in ISO 37001- (Anti- bribery management systems).

Skymoon have an exprience team of implementor, lead auditors and technical person. Skymoon provide ISO 37001 implementation,audit and certification in any level of company for ensure Anti- bribery management systems.

BENEFITS OF ISO 37001:2016

  • Stakeholder trust that the associtation is actively pursuing internationally defined and accepted processes to restrict bribery and corruption
  • safegaurd of the Association, its assets, shareholders, and directors from the effects of corruption.
  • Plan of defensible evidence to prosecutors or courts that the association has taken appropriate steps to restrict bribery and corruption.
  • Increase transparency, integrity and accountability in the association

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