ABOUT SA 8000:2014

The SA 8000:2014 is a standard for Social Accountability that motivates organizations to develop, maintain as well as apply socially acceptable practice at the place of work and provide common guidelines for employees in hiring, salary/wages. The standard also allows for employee’s training, promotion, termination as well as retirement not based on specific reasons such as race, their social origin, birth, caste, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

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This standard provides guidelines in respect to child labour, sexual harassment at workplace, health & safety standards for workers that followed worldwide. The standard was developed in the year 1997 by Social Accountability International which was formerly known as the Council on Economic Priorities.
The standard seeks to streamline the challenges of navigating the industry and corporate standards to develop a common language as well as the standard for the purpose of measuring social compliance. The standard can be applied to any organization in any specific industry across the world. It is a highly useful tool for measuring, comparing as well as verifying social accountability at the workplace.
The standard enables organizations to measure social performance in 8 important areas that are crucial to social accountability in workplaces. The standard is supported by a management system element which ensures consistent enhancement in all major areas of the Standard. The implementation of the standard is appreciated by the industry leaders and brands alike for the rigorous approach that it follows to ensure the best quality of social compliance in the supply chain, without having to sacrifice the business interests.

What is certification process?

  1. Prepare documentation based on the compliance of standards.
  2. Make Women Cell Committee, Health & Safety Committee and Workers Committee and make heads of each committee.
  3. Build a social performance team
  4. Make management representatives
  5. Provide awareness training
  6. Implementation of standard
  7. Select team of auditors & conduct Internal Audit. Internal Auditors should be qualified.
  8. Perform social accountability planning and conduct review meetings.
  9. Go for Audit Process and post the successful completion of the audit, the certification body will provide the organization with the “SA-8000 Certificate as well as the Audit Report”, which then can be verified by the organization’s client.

What documentation are require for an organization for compliance of standard?

For compliance standard, documentation are required SA policies, Procedures, Forms & Formats some examples as follows:-

List of Policies:-

  • Child Labour Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Social Accountability Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy & etc.

List of Procedures:-

  • Procedure for SA Management System Planning & Review
  • Procedure for Recruitment & Training
  • Procedure for Health & Safety
  • Procedure for SA Risk Assessment
  • Procedure for Handling of Incidents of Discrimination & etc.

List of Formats:-

  • Format for Social Performance Monitor Plan
  • Format for Social Performance Checklist
  • Format for Hazards Identification & Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • List of Potential HS Emergency & Respond
  • Format for SA Commitment Declaration & etc.


  • Achieve best practice in ethical employment, trading and operations
  • Engage and motivate your employees with improved morale
  • Introduce greater transparency to the way you run your business
  • Maintain existing business and attract new customers and investors
  • Gain recognition as a socially accountable organization

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Role of Skymoon in SA 8000:2014 SOCIAL ACCOUNTIBILITY

Skymoon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (SMSPL) has a rich experience and boasts of a technical team that takes expertise in assessment, implementation and audit of the standard. The Skymoon team provides the three-step assessment, implementation and audit to make sure that you are entitled for the certification of SA 8000:2014 Social accountability. Which is required by your customer or for a tender purpose.


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