ISO 21001 is a Management System Standard that has been formulated by the International Organization for Standardization which is centered specifically on promoting a successful communication and engagement between an educational organization, the learners, customers, as well as other interested and relevant parties.

The standard provides a specific framework which helps in enhancing the satisfaction level of the 

INPAGE 21001

learners, the other beneficiaries as well as the staff. The standard is applicable to all the educational institutions that form part of the ecosystem which makes available, shares and facilitates the building of knowledge within the learners by utilizing the activity of research, training and teaching. The applicability of the standard is for every organization irrespective of their type, the size, product, as well as the services provided.

Who can implement ISO 21001?

Skymoon management services Private Limited (SMSPL) comprises an experienced team of professionals and auditors who take expertise in implementing ISO 21001 Certification. The certification adds value which helps in contributing in the consistent improvement of the organization. Moreover, SMSPL provides a comprehensive audit to enable an organization to become aware whether or not the firm is entitled for the ISO 21001 certification which is required by your customer or for a tender purpose.

Advantages of ISO 21001 for Educational Organizations Management

By becoming PECB ISO 21001 certified, you can experience the following benefits:
● Helps improve your education system
● Enables educational organizations to enhance their reputation and standing
● Seeks to provide equal opportunities to all the students irrespective of their caste, ethnicity, gender and ability/disability
● Provide personalized training and effective response to all learners
● Helps educational institutions restore innovation and excellence
● The standard seeks to make education easily accessible (physical and online settings)


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