ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardisation. ISO is an autonomous organization that is responsible for providing standards in reference to product quality, safety and efficacy manufactured and supplied by businesses. Also, due to the increasing competition, it is important for businesses to make available the best quality products for sustaining in the market. Moreover, ISO certification is helpful in improving the credibility of the business as well as its overall efficiency.

What is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide autonomous body that is responsible for developing standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems. A non-profit and non-governmental organization, ISO acts as a bridge between public and private sectors and is also regarded as one of the largest standards organizations in the world. The members of the ISO comprise different country boards and quality councils. It Comprises representative standardization organizations from various nations. Established In 1947, The ISO frames and promotes worldwide industrial and commercial standards.


What is IAF?

IAF stands for International Accreditation Forum. IAF is the world’s most recognized association of Global Accreditation Bodies that carries more value and recognition in the world. Even though, government authorities prefer it for fulfilling the eligibility criteria of government tenders.

Which ISO Certification Is Best for My Business?

There are different kinds of ISO certification standards that focus on different aspects of business or organizational activity. ISO 9001 focuses on a quality management system that helps organizations to enhance customer satisfaction with company products and services. Similarly, ISO 14001 focuses on environmental management and so on.
Before obtaining iso certification, you must investigate your entire business process thoroughly and analyze which part or parts of the process you desire to standardize with ISO standards. Accordingly, choose the ISO Certification.

Some Important Things to Know About ISO Certification

Quality Assurance

A quality management system demonstrates entity commitment to quality product and/or services and customer satisfaction.

Set of Standards

The International Organization For Standardization's ISO series states the set of standards for a quality management system based on the process model.

Customer Satisfaction

ISO Certification emphasizes on achieving customer satisfaction for any general product or service.

Fulfills Tender Eligibility

ISO certification is an essential requirement before carrying on business with a new vendor & eligibility to enter global markets.

Enhances Operational Efficiency

ISO certification helps in building customer satisfaction & improving operational efficiency within the organization.

Brand Value

ISO certification helps in building brand value & goodwill of the company and it also helps gaining competitive advantage in the market.

Increases Business

ISO certification helps business entities in winning private & public contracts.