About CE- MARK ​

CE marking is a type of certification mark that specifies the conformity with the safety, health as well as environmental protection standards for the products that are manufactured and sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also applicable and is found on the products that are sold outside the EEA that are produced in, or fabricated to be sold within the EEA.


Effective region: European Economic Area

CE marking allows business organizations to sell their products in the countries that come under European Economic Area (EEA). By implementing the CE marking requirements, you can discover that your products are safer and dependable; which in turn reduces the possibility of customer dissatisfaction.

Role of Skymoon in CE-MARK

Skymoon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. ( SMSPL) has extensive experience in technical assessment, implementation and audit of CE marking.
At Skymoon, we take expertise in providing the three step assessment of product, which incorporates the testing and audit to ensure that you are entitled for the certification of CE-MARK which is required by the customer or in tender purpose and product entry in Europe.

Benefit of CE- MARK

The CE marking is a type of passport for the product for the European marketplace. The certification enables the manufacturer to distribute their product freely across the 30 nations of the European Economic Area (EEA).
The advantage to manufacturers is that now there is only a single set of procedures and the requirements that businesses need to follow in respect to the designing and manufacturing of a product for the overall region of the EEA. The different conflicting regulations prevailing in individual nations are eliminated. As a result, the product is no longer required to be followed to the individual requirements of different member countries of the EEA.
Besides, the CE marking can be considered as one of the benefits which when implemented makes the products to be safer and useful for the customer which in turn reduces damage as well as liability claims.


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