About ISO 22000:2018 (FSMS)

Food Safety is an essential requirement for a healthy nation. This is the reason why FSMS is an important requirement for a healthy society. Failure in food supply can prove dangerous and cost a lot. Therefore, ISO has developed the ISO 22000 standard which provides certification for food safety management systems. The standard has been created for providing security by making sure that there are no weak ends in the food supply chain, 

Food Safety

and it seeks to achieve international harmonization in the field of food safety standards. The ISO 22000 is a generic food safety management standard that can be utilized and applied by any organization directly or indirectly which is involved in the food chain business. The businesses could include farms, fisheries, dairies, Meat processing, Fish, and Feed, along with the manufacturers of soups, snacks, cereal, beverages, bread, canned as well as frozen food, etc. The food service providers such as fast-food chains, restaurants as well as hospitals, and hotels also fall under the category where the standard can be applied.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) / ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is a process control system that has been designed for identifying and preventing microbial as well as other hazards in food production as well as the entire food chain. HACCP comprises steps that have been designed for preventing problems before they occur and further correcting deviations through a systematic method once they are detected. Such preventive control systems along with the documentation and verification are recognized widely by the scientific authorities as well as the international organizations regarded as one of the most effective approaches available for manufacturing safe food.

Role of skymoon in ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Certification

Skymoon management services Private Limited have an experienced team of auditors, lead auditors as well as technical experts who take expertise in conducting, and implementing value added audit and contribute to the continuous improvement of the organization. SMSPL team can make available audit implementations that are proper and follow proper regulations which you are entitled for the certification of ISO 22000:2018 for your customer or for a tender purpose.

Benefit of ISO 22000:2018 ( FSMS)

1. Helps in increasing the trust and satisfaction of the customer, through consistent availability of safe food products.

2. Enables you to meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to your industry.
3. Helps address business risks while allowing you to meet organisational objectives.
4. Results in better productivity and organizational efficiency.
5. Provides effective feedback for regular improvement.


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