About FCC

FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission. The FCC certification is required for all the electronic products that are manufactured or are to be sold in the United States. Thus, manufacturers willing to sell licensed RF, telecom and low powered transmitters in the US market are required to get their products tested by the FCC licenses or accredited lab to get certification for the FCC or for EMC/Telecom compliance. At        


Skymoon, we make available the facility of FCC certification and testing services to our clients to assist them get their products eligible for sale in the US, enabling faster sales and revenue generation.
When an electronic device is issued an FCC certificate, it simply states that the product is fully tested for compliance with the FCC standards, and it has been approved for sale. However, an FCC accreditation does not imply safety and durability of the product. It simply is a measure that the product meets the regulated limits in respect to ionizing radiation.
FCC certification in any manner does not indicate that the product/device was fabricated or manufactured in a specific or required manner. FCC approval is generally granted to an electronic device as long as it meets FCC emission rules and restrictions and has undergone testing to comply with the prevailing FCC standards.

Products Which Require an FCC Certification

Radio frequency (Rf) equipment that are manufactured, distributed and sold within the United States are required to go through testing to become compliant in line with the existing standards. Skymoon can help your organization get FCC certificate for different types of electronic devices and radio frequency equipment, which include but are not limited to:

● IT equipment
● electronic products
● mobile phones
● Bluetooth devices
● remote control transmitters
● land mobile radio transmitters
● atmospheres
● walkie-talkies
● electronic products
● Power adapters
● radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
● wireless medical telemetry transmitters
● cordless telephones
● telecommunication equipment
● wireless local area networking equipment
● electromagnetic compatibility products


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