ISO 26000 is specified as an international standard formulated to assist organizations assess and address their social responsibilities in an effective manner. These social responsibilities are important to their overall mission and vision; processes, operations; employees, customers, and other stakeholders as well as environmental impact.


The standard and its certification provide guidance to organizations which seek to recognize that regard for society and environment is a critical factor for success. The implementation of ISO 26000 is being increasingly seen as a method of assessing an organization’s responsibility towards sustainability and their overall performance.

Who Should Use ISO 26000?

Any organization which is operating within the public, private and nonprofit sector, whether small or large, operating in a developing or a developed country can use ISO 26000. All the core subjects of social responsibility that are relevant in some way or others are applicable to every organization.
Since the core aspects of ISO 26000 include a number of issues, organizations can benefit by identifying those issues that are critical and important for them through evaluation of their own requirements and communication with the stakeholders.

Role of SKYMOON in ISO 26000 Certification

Skymoon management services Private Limited (SMSPL) comprises an experienced team of auditors and professionals who exercise their expertise in implementing ISO 26000 Certification. The certification adds value which helps in contributing to the consistent improvement of the organization. Moreover, SMSPL provides a comprehensive audit to enable an organization to become aware whether the firm is entitled for the ISO 26000 certification which is required by your customer or for a tender purpose.

The Benefits of ISO 26000 for an Organization

  • Helps organizations in identifying their social responsibilities while having the regard
    for the cultural, societal as well as economic development conditions
  • Enables the organization to have the guidance in respect to making social responsibility functional
  • Helps in recognizing and engaging with the stakeholders to enhance the credibility of the reports and the compensation made in respect to social responsibility
  • Helps in achieving the consistency with prevailing documents, existing ISO standards, international conventions as well as treaties.
  • Promotes common understanding in the social responsibility field for enhancing the awareness towards social responsibility
  • Enhances the confidence and satisfaction of customers and stakeholders for the organization

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