HACCP IS A standardized process in which food safety is identify through the analysis and cotrol of Biological, Chemical, and physical hazards from raw material process, acquisition and cotrol, to manufacturing, supply and consumption of the final product. HACCP mandatory in the entire process from raw material aquisition, production and supply of finished product for gain customer satisfaction. Haccp in food production is the way to provide for safe food.

Role of Skymoon in (HACCP)

Skymoon have an exprience team of implementor, lead auditors and technical person. Skymoon provide Haccp certification, implementation and audit in any level of company for ensure safe food to public.

BENEFITS OF HACCP Implementation.

  • Build a trust on company product.
  • Increase company image in the market.
  • Increase the product quality.
  • Continuous impromemt in the entire food supply alignment with ISO 22000.
  • Compitative advantage in market.
  • Increase social accountability corporate image.

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