Reliable office furniture enables an office to keep running for a longer period of time. One of he most important factors while choosing a new furniture is durability. Fortunately, international standards exist which make sure that the office furniture is as dependable as promised by the manufacturers.

One set of standards has been developed by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers 

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Association (BIFMA). The organization has been operational since 1973, and it represents the manufacturers of furniture from across the world. BIFMA comes up with and looks after a different number of standards regarding the safety and quality of furniture.
Since BIFMA is a voluntary standard, manufacturers can choose to create products independently which meet the requirements of BIFMA. By opting to only purchase furniture that has been certified by BIFMA, consumers can expect to get quality furniture as well as peace of mind knowing that the furniture is reliable and it will perform as expected for a good amount of time.
BIFMA comes up with a variety of standards for furniture such as ergonomic measurements, textile features, performance testing as well as sustainability guidelines.

Role of Skymoon in BIFMA Certification

Through its deep expertise in sustainable certification programs and eco-labels, we at Skymoon deliver best quality customer service which aims to provide distinct benefits for customers. After the manufacturer has received the certification, they get the LEVEL certification mark, which they can utilize to promote their certification in the marketplace. This mark is one of the most important marketing tools which ensures the buyers of the credibility of the manufacturer, the reliability of the furniture.

Benefits for BIFMA Certification for Organizations

Besides safety, BIFMA Certification benefits to an organization in following ways:
● A high-quality and properly tested furniture
● Durability and dependability of the product is ensure for many years
● A healthy work environment is promoted
● Enhances the productivity
● Minimizes work-related injuries
● BIFMA certified furniture come with a warranty of 5 years
● Requires continuous monitoring
● Best services guaranteed at reasonable rates
● Internationally approved standard


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